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Carbon Fiber

Triple Play/Combo/League Race Credits 4 8 18 30
Annual Racing License Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Member Night* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conference/Party Room use No 1 3 4
Helmet/Gear Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Guest Passes** 1 2 4 10
VIP Registration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Skip Briefing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Driver Share*** No No Yes Yes
PRICE $150 (save over 25%) $250 (save over 37%) $500 (save over 44%) $750 (save over 50%)

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  • Race credits are good for Triple Play, Combo, and League races
  • Guest pass allotment expires at the end of each month
  • Monthly allotment of races expires at the end of each month
  • Cancellation requires a 30-day written notice
  • Payment by monthly automatic credit card debit only
  • 6 Month minimum commitment required
  • *Members Night is the last Sunday of the month from 5:30-6:30pm; minimum 12 driver reservations required
  • **Guest passes are valid for Time Attacks only; 1 pass per guest per day
  • ***$50 add-on for each additional driver per month
  • Plan is valid from December 2013